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January 2000


redspot.jpg (7433 bytes)

Image courtesy of Khoo Hua Seng
Taken with a Meade Pictor 416XT CCD camera & Epoch 2000ip image processor,
Meade 10" Starfinder Newtonian Optics.


The Astronomy Interest Group studies all of nature beyond the realm of our home planet Earth. The skills learnt and mastered can be applied to safeguard nature on our own planet. Studies of the Venusian and Martian atmospheres gave us the first warnings about greenhouse gases and the importance of protecting the ozone layer. Collisions with the earth by asteroids and comets have largely redirected the course of evolution on earth. 

The Group is led by a few enthusiasts who plan monthly outings based on what is most interesting in the sky each month. The venue is picked according to what kind of astronomical objects are to be studied. Often the outings are overnight, continued at dawn with some bird watching or other terrestrial nature study.

Novices are most welcome to join our group and the Astronomy SIG co-ordinators will gladly share the use of telescopes while introducing the stars and constellations to you. 

Introduction written by : Mohd. Faisal Fadzil

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